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It’s cheaper.

  • No employee cost
  • No health insurance
  • No retirement benefits or pension
  • No equipment cost
  • No annual training. I handle my own payroll, taxes and everything else.



What else do I offer?

I can offer an outsider’s perspective. I know the ins and outs of managing books. I can save you money by properly expensing your expenses.

I am never further then an arms reach from a cell phone or computer. Need that answer at midnight or 2 am? Not a problem. Just call and you’ll have that answer in minutes.

What about vacation time? An office employee takes 2-3 weeks off every year and you will never hear from them until they are back in the office. Even the rare times I travel I always have a laptop on me and I still work every day.

You pay for only what’s needed. According to Forbes some office employees waste up to 10 hours a week scrolling on Facebook and surfing the Internet.

More time for YOU. If you try to manage your own books your likely wasting hours trying to figure it out, instead you can be focusing on earning your business more money or put that time into your personal life.